The Apartment, Holborn

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Living Room Theatre

The Hoxton, 199-206 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7BD

The Apartment, Holborn has 6 rooms for you to choose from and a Pantry Kitchen to raid for when it all gets too much. So whether you need a break from the same four walls, got clients in town or need to nail a pitch they’ve got space to fit you all. And, once that pitch is nailed, you’ll be needing to celebrate. Luckily The Apartment flips to party space when the sun goes down with space for 250 revellers!

The Apartment, Holborn host will be waiting to welcome you. They’ll show you around the communal space and make you feel right at home. Your host is always there if you need anything, otherwise, make yourself a coffee, grab some snacks from the fridge or take a 10 minute breather. This is your breakout space, complete with Smeg fridge, coffee machine, fruit, snacks and daily pastries. The meeting isn’t so boring any more.

Living room is one of the biggest meeting rooms and seats up to 50, perfect for large groups or presentations with its projector screen, table set-up and casual breakout zone. There’s also a removable steel wall that connects the Pantry Kitchen for even larger gatherings of up to 150. Or choose the Play Room. All work and no play kills creativity. Be as creative as you when a child in the Play Room, which is complete with board games and sweets to make sure your time is anything but a bored meeting. For up to 10 grown-ups.

The smallest of the meeting rooms is the Study. This cosy space is perfect for one-on-ones or small brainstorming sessions. Bright ideas bounce of the walls.

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