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The Story Behind the Venues: Shoreditch Town House vs The Playboy Club London | MELON


With the weather taking a turn towards frost, leaving the trees bare for the wind to howl through, you’re probably starting to consider taking your next corporate party indoors. Cosy, ambient shelter from the elements can be found in one a number of our remarkable venues across the city, but we’re going to focus on two with an interesting history. Shoreditch Town House and The Playboy Club London propose an alternative to wandering the sopping streets in search of your next bar stop, often covering multiple stories featuring distinctly different activities on each floor. Both offering a variety of different attractions; here is our comparison between the pair.

Shoreditch Town House
Completed in 1911 this Edwardian Townhouse was built for wealthy bullion brokers C. Sharp & Wilkins. Today it stands as a testament to early 20th century opulence as a four-levelled event venue, maintained in the fixtures of the time. These four chapters, as they are called, provide an old-worldly experience of padded leather, thick drapes, and mystery.
The floors are split into: The Vault, The Parlour, The Stendhal, and the Reserve, respectively. Each has its own unique décor and use. For your event this space is ideal for entertaining or wow-ing guests from press-events to an evening with a well-to-do client.


Playboy Club London
With the departure of Hugh Hefner we are reminded of the relevance of the Playboy Club in the progress of permissiveness in today’s society. An advocate of same sex-marriage since the 1950s and a renowned philanthropist, Hefner set up his lavish clubs to make luxury a daily experience. The exploits of his personal life have changed our perspective on sexuality, and it all started at the Playboy Club. Hefner journeyed over the year England won the world cup to open the club – 1966 so almost 51 years ago!

Experience this piece of recent history in Mayfair, where you can dine on Wagyu steaks and caviar to the Baroque bar’s live music. The Playboy Club is best known for its charming bunnies; trained to provide the best in customer service they ensure everyone present if comfortable and feels welcome.

Offering a casino and high-quality beverages at Salvatore’s bar the philosophy of which is diametrically opposed to the often ice-heavy cocktail dogma of wider London. Salvatore’s, of course named after the infamous Salvatore Calabrese, well known for his love of combining flavours and rare liqueurs. If you ever wondered where you can get a £5,500 cocktail, its home is The Playboy Club.

If you’re looking for a night in the lap of luxury, where you are made to feel at home in the most ornate settings, both of these clubs are for you. You may be unsure which one to pick as you may not have much experience organising Christmas parties, but we do! Get in touch by giving us a call at 020 3405 1946 or through email at [email protected] With our help, you can organise the Christmas Party stress-free and you’ll even be able to enjoy yourself as much as your guests will!