Exclusive Christmas at The Colour Lab

Old Billingsgate Vaults is the perfect choice for those in search of a quirky winter venue with an unbeatable atmosphere. This year the venue becomes ‘Neon’ – the ultimate party destination in the City.

Inspired by vintage neons with an industrial edge, the winter design takes guests to a world of celebration. Bright colours, geometric patterns and fairground lighting stand out against exposed brickwork in this subterranean party den.

With its unrivalled audio-visual facilities, the venue lends itself perfectly to customisation. Opportunities to add your own branding and theming mean this is a space you can easily make your own.

Concealed below one of London’s iconic landmarks this underground venue lends itself perfectly to winter festivities. Up to 800 guests can be accommodated at Old Billingsgate Vaults.


150 - 900, Max 500 - 550 Seated, Max 900 Standing


Billingsgate Vaults, EC3

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