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Heritage vs Modern: Choosing a Venue for your Corporate Christmas Party 2017

Shoreditch Town House

Around Christmas time, it’s easy to understand why a lot of our clients are drawn towards venues with heritage and plenty of history – these are the venues with a sense of traditional splendor which can provide an extra bit of magic at Christmas time. Conversely, other clients insist they want somewhere light, bright and modern – uncluttered spaces that provide a canvas for your perfect event. Whilst everyone’s taste is different, we decided to weigh up some of the positives of hosting your next Christmas party at either a historical place with plenty of history, or at one of our more contemporary, fresh and progressive venues.

That Christmas Feeling

At MELON, we take Christmas very seriously. Getting into the Christmas spirits is one of our top priorities when it hits December, so we know what we’re talking about. The main difference between our heritage venues and the more modern venues is the Christmas energy they provide. Take the 6th at Soho for example – one of our newer venues with a slightly more contemporary feel. The innovatively designed space can be used around Christmas time for everything from stylish drinks to receptions – and the main Christmas aura it gives is one of vibrant and cosy. This is a stark contrast to Old Billingsgate for example, a London landmark from the Victorian times. Instead of the snugness and subtle ambience of the 6th, Old Billinsgate offers sheer grandeur, in which guests can immerse themselves in the Christmas spirit amongst the spectacular winter wonderland backdrop. Similarly, One Whitehall Place bring its own distinct flavor – set along the River Thames, the impressive, iconic building offers an exemplary events space – it has superlative ambience that encompass genuine British heritage. Both Old Billingsgate and One Whitehall place are less modern than a lot of our venues – but they still both offer high-tech facilities and plenty of options in terms of A/V capabilities.

Classically Modern?

How about something that takes on both the elements of a heritage venue and those of a modern one? Winning ‘Best New Venue’ last year and a finalist for ‘Best Venue Team’ this year, Carousel is a venue not to be overlooked. In the chic boutique area of Marylebone, Carousel holds 6000 square feet of stylish event space over two adjacent buildings – an ultra flexible blank canvas space that can accommodate Christmas parties of all different shapes and sizes (both dry hire and bespoke) – the venue team are thoughtful and creative, and any event at the venue is sure to be done to the highest standard.

Both old and new venues bring their own charm and personality – but which is best for you? If you’re still really not sure, you can call MELON on 020 3405 1946 or send an email over to [email protected] Key dates are already being booked – it’s never too early to make an enquiry. You may not have much knowledge of the best venues in London or how to organise a great party, but we are the experts.