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Great Corporate Christmas Party Venues in Canary Wharf

When the frost settles on the once sunlit pavements, making your morning commute a slippery situation, you know that Christmas can’t be far off.   The smells of cinnamon, star anise, and ginger spring to mind along with colourful bundles of wrapping paper, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we still have the office Christmas party to plan. 

From five employee start-ups to the global multinational, the brow of every professional will be furrowed with anticipation for the Christmas do.  Finding a Christmas party venue in London is no easy task.  Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to dress up with colleagues or celebrate a year of hard work, there are hundreds of venues to sift through. 

The most central venues, from Soho to Shoreditch, will likely be booked up quickly for their proximity to other bars, and their excellent transport links.  As such, acquiring a booking in one of these areas could prove exceedingly challenging.  If you’re considering venues that are slightly less central, but with excellent links and purpose-built facilities, you may want to have a closer look at Canary Wharf.


One Canada Square

One Canada Square is the name and the address of the iconic Canary Wharf Tower, it is also a modern European fine dining restaurant by the ETM Group, who have also given us The Botanist.  Here you will find a downstairs bar set in cool marble, inlaid with tasteful leather and dark wood, with the mezzanine offers views of the surrounding skyscrapers through wall-to-wall glass panelling. Offering just 75 seats, One Canada Square, is ideal for a smaller firm looking for an extravagant, yet relaxed night together.  Feast on seafood fresh from nearby Billingsgate Market, and indulge in the mixologist’s signature cocktails or a speciality wine flight.

Giant Robot

Giant Robot is to Canary Wharf what Dinerama is to Shoreditch.  This versatile party venue was created by Street Feast, who turn derelict locations into exciting in-door food and drink markets.  You may be hungry for some dumplings and steamed buns, or you could be yearning for lobster, either way Giant Robot has what you want. 

The space can accommodate up to 500 people, in bookings of 10 and upwards, in a construction that looks more like a steampunk spaceship than a building.  Explore the city sky at the three bars encased in 360-degree panoramic glass and, if the weather allows, take your drink out onto the extensive terrace and roof garden. 


Giant Robot

East Wintergarden

If you would like to focus more on Christmas than a party, then East Wintergarden is for you. Built next to the South Dock this imposing 27m dome hosts dinners for up to 1000 people.  For Christmas functions seating in the atrium is illuminated by 50,000 fairy lights, while the corners of the room glint with lavishly decorated conifers. Above this is the Gallery, a mezzanine floor overlooking Jubilee park, for more intimate private events. 


Each of these events promises their own unique experience: One Canada Square is sophisticated yet intimate; Giant Robot is incredibly versatile; and East Wintergarden promises the lap of luxury.  While the gleeful chaos of a company event in Central London is appealing but logistically challenging, so why not consider a promising nearby area? 

For any help organising your Christmas party please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0203 405 1946, or [email protected].