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East vs. West: Which Side of the River has the Best Venues for Christmas 2017?

Christmas 2017 – West or East London?

London is the best Christmas city in the world. Yes, New York often manages to overshadow it in modern films and television, but let’s not forget Love Actually, Bridget Jones’ Diary and even Charles Dickens’ tales – all of which are set in London, the perfect backdrop to tug at your heartstrings during the festive period. Although the capital is huge, you only have to spend a week in the city to gain a sense of the East and West divide that runs through it. While historically East London is where the working class would reside, and West would be for the wealthy, each has their fair share of tourist attractions, culture and – you guessed it – buzzing venues! And while the spirit of Christmas is synonymous across the globe, the glitz and glamour of West London is equal to the art and culture of East London. They both bring their own unique magic to the table.

In the great East vs. West debate, we’ve chosen the heavyweight venues from each end of London to compete in deciding which is the best place to party.

Tobacco Docks

So, let’s kick this off with an all-time classic; Tobacco Docks in East London.  The venue oozes Christmas spirit with its Victorian splendour, silver birch and stylish soft winter tones. Tobacco Docks is deservedly Grade 1 listed due to its architecturally stunning nature, and Christmas is the best time to be there. The whole place is enchanted during the winter months and gives anywhere in West London a run for its money.

Kensington Roof Gardens

Whilst Tobacco docks may be considered one of the most charming venues on offer in London, Kensington Roof Gardens doesn’t bow down to the challenge. This Christmas party has it all – a sumptuous three course festive meal, unlimited drinks and a roaming funky jazz band. The venue is atop a former department store on Kensington High Street, one of the most beautiful locations in West London (particularly during the holiday season). Sir Richard Branson transformed the venue in the 1980s and winter is no longer any kind of barrier, due to the large heated and carpeted glass marquee.

Old Billingsgate

Taking it back to the other side, Old Billingsgate is another truly momentous venue and does the East Side proud. The venue makes a show-stopping backdrop at Christmas time and offers an extraordinary setting for all winter events. Old Billingsgate is the most stylish venue in our East vs. West list, providing awe-inspiring architecture overlooking the River Thames and Southbank and with towering interior features that are sure to make your Christmas party memorable for years to come.


The last contender for the best Venue for Christmas 2017 is Vanilla in Marylebone. While it may not be as far out as Kensington, it’s on London’s West End and is one of the best connected venues – only a 7-minute walk from Oxford Circus. The venue itself has a magnificent atmosphere at Christmas time, with white décor and a modern monochrome setup, offering expertly created cocktails and carefully selected wines, making it an extremely competitive space during the holiday seasons.

Vanilla- MELON

It’s impossible to decide which venues are the best – West London has elegance and sophistication, whilst East London wins regarding style and attractiveness. Whichever end of the Thames you decide to choose for your Christmas party, don’t hesitate to get in touch at 0203 405 1946 – and make sure you keep updated with our Christmas Party Venues, we’re regularly adding more great venues and packages!